Unfinished Bosses Edit

There are two bosses in the game that weren't used in the official levels, and one that doesn't function.

Functional Boss Edit

Rocket Turtle Edit

Jj2-rocket turtle

Rocket Turtle

This boss flies around following a path of Area ID events. If the player dies, when the level restarts he'll skip the Area ID events he already touched, usually resulting in him just flying off to the top left, never to be seen again. Aside from that, it's perfectly functional, however, and the bugs in his coding can be worked around by clever level creators. He is strangely put under the "enemy" section.

Bilsy Edit

Jazz 2 Bilsy Boss


Unused in the actual game, but fully functional (and would later see use with a slightly modified version in HH98), Bilsy is an extremely difficult boss, teleporting around while throwing fireballs that seek you out which do two points of damage, making him easily capable of killing you. Probably unused until his modified HH98 incarnation because of his sheer difficulty.

Non-functional Bosses Edit

Tweedle Edit

Jj2-tweedle stand


This boss never spawns properly when placed into a level, but the artwork is still all present in the game data. According to an interview with one of the developers, you would fight two of these at once, and they would have stolen your gun at the start of the fight - the goal of the fight would be to trick them into killing each other. If placed in a level, it can still be interacted with and destroyed, however doing so won't advance the player to the next level. All his animations can be seen below.

Unfinished Enemies Edit

Blue Ghost Edit


Blue Ghost

A goofy looking Pac-Man Ghost. This was added in 1.24 (Holiday Hare and The Secret Files). He's commented out in JCS.INI as "Don't use", and behaves like the Sparks enemy. To enable him in 1.24:

Butterfly Edit



An very unfinished enemy with its graphics still present in the game data. When placed inside a level, it doesn't function properly or move, and is invisible unless frozen.

BeeBoy Edit

Though unused in the normal game, this enemy is very much fully functional in game if not a bit buggy. It spawns five of them in a circle that fly towards you in the same way most flying enemies do, but it's hard to hit and takes 5 hits to kill due to the number of bees.


Bees Edit

Even less functional than the Butterfly above, this enemy's graphics are the exact same as the Beeboy's. The game doesn't load its graphics, and it cannot be frozen. It can be "killed" and it gives points; however, the event is not removed, and you can keep shooting it to keep "killing" it, though it won't award any more points. It will still hurt you even after you've shot it the first time.

Unused Graphics Edit

3D Sprites Edit

3D view Jazz and Spaz Edit

Jazz 2 3djazzspin


Jazz 2 3dspazspin


There are sprites of them standing still, jumping, braking, running, rolling and spinning. These would've been used in semi-3d bonus stages like in Jazz Jackrabbit 1, but they've been scrapped.

3D View Bird Edit

A 3D view of the bird, Hip-Hop. Appears to have been used in the cut 3D bonus stages.



Jazz and Spaz Sprites Edit

Jazz and Spaz Gunless Edit

Animations exist for both Jazz and Spaz that show them without their guns. These were part of the Tweedles boss battle, in which they were to steal your guns. However, not enough animations exist for the concept to be used.

Jj2-jazz gunless

Jazz No Gun

Jj2-spaz gunless

Spaz No Gun

Door Entry Edit

What seems to be a work-in-progress animation depicting Jazz and Spaz entering a door. Not usable in its current state, due to the fact that none of the art has been split into individual sprite frames. The stoplight in the corner was likely used by the animator for timing.


Entering Door


Door Alone

Item and Weapon Sprites Edit

Spaz Blaster Powerup Edit

Jj2-spaz blaster powerup

Spaz Blaster

While a blaster powerup exists in the game, it always shows Jazz's gun as it's only on his official path that it can be obtained. This one showing Spaz's gun is never used.

Purple Potion Edit

Jazz 2 Potion

An unused food item. Unlike most food items, it has its own animations instead of a single frame. It's also possible it was a powerup instead of a food item.

TNT Box Edit

Jazz 2 TNT Box


Box of ammo that would probably contain 15 TNT, much like the other ammo boxes.

"Fireball" and "Bladegun" Projectiles Edit

Jj2-fireball normal
Jj2-fireball upgraded

These are the projectiles to the cut Fireball weapon. While present in the 1.00g version of the game, it was replaced with the Pepper Spray in the final game.

Jj2-bladegun normal
Jj2-bladegun upgraded

These are the projectiles to the cut Bladegun weapon. While present in the 1.00g version of the game, it was replaced with the Electro blaster in the final game.

Enemy Sprites Edit

Upside-Down and Sideways Sucker Edit

Jazz 2 Sucker Sideways
Jazz 2 Sucker Upside Down

Bunched up with the other sucker enemy sprites are these. It's pretty obvious what they are indicative of.

Unused Bubba Animations Edit

Jj2-bubba death

This was part of an unused concept where after a boss was killed, it left behind a death sprite. Bubba was the only one who got such a sprite however.

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