JJ1 World 6-C Battleships


Twin Mega Battleships is a pair of enormous battleships looming in the distance, armed to the teeth and ready to fight. They are serving as the third planet in The Final Clash. In this episode, the Battleships are seeks to destroy planet Carrotus and Jazz begins to approach them and find a way to destroy them, prior to the Battleships going to be destroyed, Jazz then escapes with the shuttle and save Eva Earlong on the moon in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Jazz starts each level on his airboard and he have to find a way into each ship. Then he have to navigate to the cockpit to destroy the CPU Monitor.

The first level has a secret level in it.

Jazz must also deal with Armour-Dillos and Super Bad Bees.

The Battleships guardian level is the Evil Clone of Jazz.

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