Tubelectric is a recurring level in the Jazz Jackrabbit series, appearing as the second level on the Turle Terror episode in the first game and the Flashback episode in the second game.


This planet is full of electronic mayhem. Once a giant munitions factory, it was abandoned after a freak accident involving one of the nuclear reactors. Jump in the Transport Tubes to move to different areas.


Jazz JackrabbitEdit

Tubelectric features a more maze-like structure compared to the previous level, with many warp tubes and secret passages on the walls. It also has more hazards such as blaster turrets on walls and ceilings as well as spark barriers which must be shot down.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2Edit

Tubelectric got quite different since last time. The level structure is much less maze-like than before, though the warp tubes return. The blaster turrets and spark barriers are gone, as this time you'll have to deal with pinball bumpers and flippers, as well as electric fans which will push Jazz upwards.

Map for TubelectricEdit