• Anim0004

    The Animation of a demon.

    Definition: In computer graphics, a sprite is a two-dimensional/three-dimensional image or animation that is integrated into a larger area.

Sprites are the animations used by Jazz Jackrabbit 2, for text and the Jazz2 logo on the opening screen, and events in Jazz Creation Station. They are held in the animation library, 'anims.j2a' and cannot be edited. Anims.j2a also holds the sounds of the sprites as well. However, these cannot be edited, either. Some sprites are unused, either because the event that was going to use them didn't work, or the event that used them wasn't finished, or the sprite has been used, but is no longer used, or it is rejected. These include the Tweedle boss, the butterfly, some weapons, some animations that look like they were meant for a bonus level, and possibly the slide modifier.

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