Spaz Jackrabbit
Spaz Jackrabbit



First Appearance

Jazz Jackrabbit (game) (cameo)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2
March 1998





Fur Color


Spaz Jackrabbit is the younger brother of Jazz Jackrabbit. He is said to have gotten his freakish looks from eating the “Dope fish”. Unlike Jazz, who has orange wristbands and a red bandana, Spaz has blue wristbands and boots. He is the second playable character in the Jazz Jackrabbit series.


Spaz was originally thought up by Nick Stadler. While drawing an exaggerated drawing of Jazz Jackrabbit he labeled it “Spaz Slackrabbit” which eventually went on to become Spaz Jackrabbit.


Spaz is Jazz's slightly crazy little brother. He first made his appearance in the Holiday Hare edition of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 (1994 and 1995) he appeared in the background as a giant statue of sorts. His next appearance was in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 along his brother as the two playable characters (in later version's Jazz's cousin Lori is playable as well). He is seen in the ending having a crush on a hare resembling Lori.


Spaz first appeared in the Holiday Hare edition of Jazz Jackrabbit as a decoration in the background of the Bloxonius levels. It wasn’t until Jazz Jackrabbit 2 that he was introduced as a playable character with his own unique moves. There he fought alongside his brother Jazz and his sister Lori.

When development of Jazz Jackrabbit 3 started, Spaz as well as Lori were planned to be playable characters. Though due to the game being cancelled, this never occurred.

However, in the demo for the game you have the ability to play as Jazz, as his gameplay was finished.

Spaz also made an appearance in the reboot of the series, Jazz Jackrabbit (Game boy Advance). In the game he was featured as a non playable character and unlike Jazz his appearance was not changed in the game.


In Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Spaz’s Special Ability is the Double Jump, which allows him to execute another jump in midair to reach higher platforms and secret areas and the Karate Kick which can destroy “speed” and “butt stomp” blocks and deal damage to enemies or other players (in multiplayer mode).


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