Pezrock is the first level of the episode The Final Clash from Jazz Jackrabbit.


Enormous concrete blocks form impregnable mazes that Jazz must navigate while dodging lethal spiked balls. As the sun sets in the distance, Jazz can almost smell victory... Or is that Devan's feet?


While Pezrock's paths are mostly linear, with only a few forks, the stage is littered with hazards, including many spiked pits and ceilings, indestructible chained spiked balls and lots of Clammys everywhere, making this one of the slowest stages in the game, as you'll need to move carefully to not take damage. Halfway through the second area you can find a hoverboard, which thankfully will make navingating the remainder of the stage easier, though this time it is optional to pick it.

Map for PezrockEdit


  • Pezrock is referred as "Pez-Rox" in the game's manual.