Orbitus is the third level of the episode Ballistic Bunny from Jazz Jackrabbit.


Because of the odd structure of this planet, the turtles have had difficulty inhabiting most of it. It is an elaborate structure of pipes, anti-gravity floors and bounce-walls. Jazz will bounce around most of the time he's visiting Orbitus.


Orbitus is one of the trickiest stages in the game. Most of the walls will bounce off Jazz if he touches them, and some floors will push him into a direction, making navigation through the stage very confusing, not to mention you'll have to deal with the Beholders patrolling the halls and corridors as well as the tough Cyber Pythons. Using the Bouncer weapon is pretty much indispensable to complete this level.

The first area has a short vertical hoverboard section shortly before the stage's checkpoint.


  • The second area's design was slightly changed in the CD release, however due to a oversight the stage ended becoming impossible to complete.

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