1. What is Memory Mapping?:

Memory Mapping describes the reading, writing, freezing and threading of Memory Values in the Ram with external prorgamms like Cheat Engine, TSearch, Cheating Tools (C00lHax), JJM and a lot external programms that can do actions with JJ2.

2. How is JJ2 saving Values in ram?:

JJ2 is saving variables in ram like every other programms, this variables are needed to show and remember numbers or calculate with them

3. How is Memory Mapping working?

In Windows every prozess have his own space in the memory, with winApi functions other prozesses can access the memory of other ones, this is what we call memory mapping.

All variables of a process have a name, but in the .exe files are these names not saved, so windows (and other systems like linux too) use to identifier values Hexadecimal numbers (like 5C853E). These Hexadecimals, or simply Hexes, can be edited through a Hex editor, or can be 'poked' through a hacking program. The most common method would be to poke through a hack.

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