Medivo is a recurring level in the Jazz Jackrabbit series, appearing as the third level on the Turle Terror episode in the first game and the Flashback episode in the second game.


The atmosphere of this ghostly planet is incredibly thick; so thick that it is constantly raining on the surface. The planet is covered with enormous marble ruins which hold many secrets. Look out for spikes and ghost swords.


Jazz JackrabbitEdit

Medivo is a claustrophobic level, with many narrow corridors and small platforms patrolled by Helmuts and Ghost Rapiers as well as areas with chained wrecking balls you must use to cross large spiked pits. Halfway through the level's first area you'll find the first hoverboard section of the game, where you'll have to navigate a large vertical area with many spike-filled walls.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2Edit

Medivo has gotten quite a few new hazards this time, including disappearing platforms and giant spiked balls, as well as Purple Bats and Devils patrolling the areas alongside the Helmuts and a new variety of Ghost Rapiers.

Map for MedivoEdit