Lori Jackrabbit



First Appearance

Jazz Jackrabbit (game) (as prototype)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (as Lori)
June 1, 1999




105 pounds

Fur Color


Lori Jackrabbit is the youngest sibling of Jazz Jackrabbit and Spaz Jackrabbit. Lori was first intended to be Spaz's love-interest, as can be seen in the original Jazz Jackrabbit 2 ending cut-scene. Dean Dodrill thought she would make a good playable character for the to-be-released The Secret Files add-on to Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

However, the game's publisher Project 2 Interactive announced she was the lost sister of Jazz and Spaz she was given that role. Lori is the creation of Dean Dodrill (a.k.a Noogy) and Jon MacLellan.


According to Dean Ddrilll originally Lori was meant to be a distant cousin of Eva. Originally at the end of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 she was animated as a love interest for Spaz. However, he didn’t like her original appearance so he slightly redesigned her. Jon Maclellan, another designer on TSF, assisted him in designing the character and named her Lori.

she was planned to meet Jazz and Spaz at the end of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and for Spaz to fall in love with her. However, due to a miscommunication between Dean, she was later written in as Jazz and Spaz’s long lost sister. Character designer Dean Dodrill has expressed that he did not like the story direction that was taken to introducing her into the series.


According to her creator Dean Dodrill, Lori is a passive character who likes to paint and practice athletics. She was supposedly born on March 13, 1982 (though her date of creation was March 13, 1998).


Lori is usually seen wearing a two-piece purple jumpsuit. Being not your average adventurous tomboy-bunny, she's more than willing to save the day, on Carrotusian soil in her share of battling, with her brothers against the evil forces of Devan Shell.


Lori was only available in The Secret Files, the same game's demo and the much delayed Christmas Chronicles game, which featured a few winter-themed levels. Lori's abilities in the game involved the standard helicopter ears Jazz was able to use as well as the super speed move where the player had to tap the run key without pushing any directional buttons to make the character charge up their running speed.

All three characters had a special move that was meant for passing barriers or taking out multiple enemies. Lori's move was a fast spinning kick that gave her the ability to go through multiple enemies.


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