#1 February 2009 -
(Listed by closing date.)
Please Remember to Sign Your Posts Using ~~~~

Please note that you must have 50 main space edits to vote. Ineligible votes will be struck through and ignored.

This page is a list of previously featured users and nominations for new "Users of the Month".

Rules of Nomination

  • User must have made a significant contribution to the wiki, such as article redesigns or image uploading.
  • User must not have been the User of the Month before.
  • User must not have been blocked within the last 2 months.
  • User should be mature and responsible in their interactions with other users.
  • Users cannot nominate themselves for this position.


To nominate a user, place {{voting|0|0|0}}, with the numbers being, from left to right, "Support", "Neutral", and "Oppose".

To vote, type: Support, Neutral, or Oppose, below the nomination, say why you vote that, and sign your name using four tildes, or ~~~~.

User's must have 50 mainspace edits for their vote to be registered. If they do not have the required amount, put <s>users vote</s> and leave a message in small font saying you have removed the vote.


The following is a list of previously featured users.


Place your nominations under this line.

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