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  • ...The Tweedle Boss can be seen if frozen. It is shaped like a potato. It can also seed using Jazz sprite dynamite, a sprite editor, which can be downloaded here
  • ...You can have multiple Warp Targets with the same ID. When a player enters a Warp with that ID, they will teleport to one of the respective Warp Targets in a specific order, usually lowest location to highest.
  • ...No fire zones work only in multiplayer.
  • ...Levels in JJ1 are 256×64 tiles big.
  • ...JJ2 uses the Galaxy Sound System, a rather old MOD engine. It supports only Linear interpolation and has some instrument Note Off action issues?
  • ...SCE turrets mostly travel to the right.
  • ...Jazz Jackrabbit series is set in the Andromeda Galaxy, Triangulum Galaxy and even Milky Way as well.
  • ...There are some prototype versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 that having complete different Diamondus Tileset.

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