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Release date

April 13, 1998


platform game

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 produced by Epic MegaGames, now known as Epic Games was released in 1998 for PCs running Windows, and later for Macintosh computers. It is the sequel to Jazz Jackrabbit.

The game features several editions - Normal (and Shareware), Holiday Hare '98, The Secret Files (and Shareware), and Christmas Chronicles.


Jazz Jackrabbit 2 has two playable characters, Jazz and Spaz; a third character, Lori, was added in Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files, and The Christmas Chronicles.


Just like its predecessor, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a 2D side-scroller that incorporates elements of shooting and platforming.

The player must venture through a series of levels populated with enemies and environmental hazards that may hinder the player's progress. The player's goal is to reach the level's exit, usually indicated by an exit sign, whilst overcoming obstacles and hazards through the use of running and jumping as well as removing enemies and obstructions through the use of shooting and stomping.

The Player is given a selection of characters to choose from, namely, Jazz, Spaz, and eventually (in the subsequent expansions) Lori. Each character has certain traits that are exclusive to each other. For an example, Jazz can launch himself vertically higher than others, Spaz can double jump, and Lori can dash across the screen whilst eliminating almost any enemy or obstacle in her path. Each Character is equipped with a gun that can fire an inexhaustible supply of projectiles in a straight manner. During the course of the game, however, the player can encounter additional ammunition that can provide the player with greater fire-power and range but with limiting ammo. These ammo types can result in different effects from flamethrowing to firing ice shards (that freezes almost any enemy or object on contact).

In addition to ammo, players will usually come across certain items and power-ups to aid the player. Some of these may include a 1-up (that gives the player an extra life), a massive variety of food (when enough is collected gives the player a short period of invincibility in the form of a "sugar rush"), a variety of diamonds (when enough is collected gives the player an extra life), a carrot (that boosts the player's health), and a bird in a cage (once it is liberated by the player will follow the player around and will automatically fire at any nearby enemy).

Players can also participate in multiplayer. The game's Splitscreen mode supports up to 4 players, where as the Online mode can support up to 32. The game also has a local TCP/IPX network support. In Multiplayer there are five game types that players could participate in, namely, Cooperative (where players could work together in the game's single player campaign), Battle (which is basically Deathmatch), Race (in which the first to complete all laps wins the race), Treasure Hunt (in which the first to collect 100 diamonds and find the exit wins the match), and Capture the Flag.

Jazz Creation StationEdit

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 has a bundled level editor called Jazz Creation Station, allowing players to create their own levels. Often shortened to JCS. However JCS is not available for Mac users or shareware editions.


Episode 1: Formerly a PrinceEdit

Queen Earlong outraged about Devan returning, threw Jazz into a jail cell. Jazz, together with his brother Spaz, who got in the jail to help Jazz escape, had to flee the castle, where he had to beat Queen Earlong at the exit.

Jazz and Spaz escaped through the castle garden where they reached Devan’s secret laboratory. However, they couldn’t catch Devan there, because he distracted the two rabbits with a “super” robot, while he started up his time machine.

Episode 2: Jazz in TimeEdit

Devan’s Time Machine left a worm hole, which Jazz and Spaz promptly hopped into. However, due to the random transportation methods that wormholes provide they land in Colonius. Colonius is a colonial version of Carrotus. But thanks to Devan’s meddling in time, turtles have overrun the streets. They had to beat Fat chicks and Fencers. After the defeated them ran through the sewers, where they were ambushed by Lizards. They found another worm hole, and then decided to jump in.

The worm hole dropped them in Carrotus of the 1960s. Apparently, Devan was there recently trying to kill Jazz and Spaz’s parents! Jazz and Spaz were able to hitch rides on mysterious Chesire cats, and dueled Dragonflies. Suddenly, another wormhole appeared to which they hopped into. However, in the time zone they’ve entered there is no trace of Devan. Since the duo didn’t disappear, it is presumed that their parents were left unharmed.

The wormhole had taken Jazz and Spaz to an unknown time, at a beach. There they were attacked by crabs working for Devan under the control of the mysterious Uterus. Jazz and Spaz swam through a labyrinthine sea, where they confronted Uterus. After defeating Uterus, the brothers hopped into what they hoped was the final wormhole.

Episode 3: FlashbackEdit

As it turned out, the wormhole that was guarded by Uterus was a trap set by Devan. The two jackrabbits had been sent to a locale from Jazz’s first adventure. Jazz remembered Diamondus, but was very hazy on the events that followed. So the two Jackrabbits split up defeating any of Devan’s minions, when Jazz remembered that he had gone to Tube Electric next.

Thanks to Devan’s modifications in time, Tube Electric was vastly different from Jazz’s first visit. It had turned into a hybrid of a music player and a pinball table. One thing was still the same, there were still Sparks watching Jazz and Spaz’s every movements, slowly hunting the rabbits. After wiping out Devan’s minions from Tube Electric, Jazz remembered that he had faced Devan on Medivo, and so the two jackrabbits went there.

In search of Devan, the two jackrabbits made an assault on a castle invaded by Helmuts. They fought through Dungeons and rooftops, when they finally came to what should have been Devan’s Lair. But instead of Devan, the Bolly boss was waiting for them. Devan knew that using the same machine from his first battle on Medivo was highly inadvisable, and equipped Bolly with State of the Art weaponry. The weaponry came at a price though as Bolly’s vehicle was weighted down and moved slower. After defeating Bolly, his ship left behind a wormhole, and this time Jazz and Spaz went right where they needed to go.

Episode 4: Funky MonkeysEdit

The final wormhole lead to a Jungle on Carrotus. Devan’s plans so far had been a failure. However, he was determined not to lose. He had found the exact spot where he could open up the pits of Hell, and he planned to use the power from that lava-ridden land to conquer Carrotus. Jazz and Spaz had to deal with the tribal ways of the resident Monkeys, and ran from boulders.

Soon they came upon Devan, who promptly opened up the pit to Hell and jumped in. Before they could follow, a lanky demon named Bilsy appeared and attempted to stop Jazz and Spaz. Upon Bilsy’s demise, Jazz and Spaz hopped into the pit to Hell. Upon entering the place then froze.

Apparently freezing Hell over is a crime with upmost punishment down in Dam Nation. Because of this, Jazz and Spaz were hunted by search dogs, and were attack by an aerial Raven assault. They also had to contend with the skeletons of long-dead turtles. Unfortunately, they ran into Bubba who was upset with having a cold. Apparently after Bubba’s defeat, Hell had returned to normal. However the dogs were still looking for the two, so the jackrabbits thought it would be best if they just cut to the chase and found Devan. After asking a tree for directions, Jazz and Spaz headed toward a deeper part of Hell. The deeper they went; they found that the search dogs were replaced with Demon Troops.

Soon, the two rabbits found their adversary. Devan was equipped with his Rabbit Roaster gun, and ran about firing at Jazz and Spaz. Halfway into the fight, Devan revealed he had taken powers from Satan, and transformed into a dragon-like creature. In this form, Devan breathed Fireballs while staying slightly out of Jazz and Spaz’s reach. However, the duo were still able to defeat him. Jazz was able to retrieve the 14-karat diamondus diamond meant for his wife’s wedding ring, and halted Devan’s escape by destroying the time machine. Devan had a pile of rocks fall on top of him, and Jazz and Spaz went home with one last Wormhole. Devan was able to escape however, although how he escaped is unknown.


Then Jazz could marry Eva for the 2nd time and Spaz fell in love with a yellow rabbit that resembles that of Lori Jackrabbit.


  • The game detects your computer power and shows the intro in low or high resolution.
  • A sequel to this game, entitled Jazz Jackrabbit 3D was to be released sometime in 2000. However, since Epic was unable to find a publisher, the project was cancelled.
  • The full UK CD version of this game installs as version 1.21. Also on the CD is a folder called 'Shareware' which contains shareware versions of the following games:
    • Fire Fight by Chaos Works
    • Jazz Jackrabbit Episode 1 plus Xmas
    • Tyrian Shareware version 2.0 Extreme Pinball : the Rock Fantasy table
    • 7th Legion
  • In the ending cutscene of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, there is a bucktoothed female rabbit who Spaz has a crush on. She is actually Lori in prototype form. She was supposed to be Spaz's girlfriend, but Project 2 Interactive mentioned that Lori was the lost sister of Jazz and Spaz, and also because her creator, Dean Dodrill, wanted Lori to be a playable character, her role was changed and now she is Jazz's sister instead of Spaz's girlfriend.
  • The Dopefish (from id Software's Commander Keen series) is mentioned on a signpost in the stage "A Diamondus Forever". The sign reads "Spaz ate the Dopefish".
  • Spaz, Jazz's younger brother in the game, was actually the result of a joke. During JJ2's development it was full of bugs, and one day artist Nick Stadler was so frustrated by the game that he sketched a parody of Jazz on paper, underlined with the words "SPAZ SLACKRABBIT." The drawing was so amusing to the JJ2 development team that Spaz was eventually added to the game as a full-blown character.

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