1. Source facts:

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is written in the programming language C.

The Jazz 2 Engine is used for some other Games from Epic and Godgames too.

Experts and around 90% of all programmers think the source code is partly or completly lost, at the moment none know where the source code can be, possible it's still backed up on a server.

Jazz jackrabbit 2 can handle DirectDraw and OpenGL with some spezial Graphic Cards are higher resolutions possible (as 640x480), example is the Intel GMA chipset (tested with a netbook: max resolution: 600x1024).

The Music Engine from Jazz jackrabbit 2 is called galaxy sound system and used on a way more games as only Jazz 2, it supports the most known .mod files.

2. Hacking methodes:

At the Moment there are 3 Methodes known to "hack" Jazz Jackrabbit 2:

  • Editing the Executeable Jazz2.exe File or other files JJ2 needs (Anims.j2a,...)
  • Memory Mapping
  • Sending of UDP or TCP Packs (WinSocks)

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