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Devan Shell is the main antagonist.He is Jazz Jackrabbit‘s arch-nemesis , who hates rabbits for “their disgusting, vile attitudes“ after reading “The Tortoise & The Hare”. He is the leader of an organization known as Turtle Terrorists. It is not connected with Shellion’s leadership, this including Dark Shell.

While both turtles share the same surname, they’re barely even related to each other – Dark Shell is Devan’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate. Turtle Terrorists might in fact be rebels of Shellion, but that can’t be proven so far.


Jazz JackrabbitEdit

In Jazz Jackrabbit, Devan first becomes known when he kidnaps Carrotus‘ princess Eva Earlong and plans to trade her for the king’s crown. When Jazz begins his adventure to save the princess, Devan becomes more offensive and creates the Supercopy-2000, a cloning machine used by Devan to support his terrorist army. With it he also creates several mutants, including Jazz Jackrabbit‘s evil clone. In the end of the game, when Jazz destroys Twin Mega Battleships traveling to the Milky Way Galaxy and saves Eva Earlong he is seen disguised as a taxi driver in the space taxi Jazz and Eva are catching.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2Edit

Eventually, in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 he returns to go back in time using the Diamondus Gem stolen from Eva’s wedding ring. His plan is to warp to a time before rabbits appeared on Carrotus and change history so Jazz and his brother Spaz Jackrabbit will never be born. Jazz and Spaz once again destroys his plans beating Devan’s demon form and retrieving the gem back by blowing up his time machine, with Devan inside. Devan is then crushed under a big piece of rock as his head pokes up from a pile of rubble.

Jazz Jackrabbit 3Edit

In Jazz Jackrabbit 3 Jazz and his wife, Eva Earlong, settle down in Carrotus Castle to rule the planet and have children. Devan then comes to kidnap Jazz’s wife and kids. Devan is successful in snatching the kids away, taking them into an alternate universe using the Jazz 2 Time Machine. (converted to a Dimensional Machine) This alternate universe turns out to be the 3rd Dimension, and of course, Jazz must venture into the 360-degree world to rescue his children. During the search, Devan uses the kid's dreams against Jazz.


Devan is easily recognizable between other turtles because of his oversized glasses. He also walks on two legs like for example Schwartzenguards, DoofusGuards or JJA‘s Turtle Troopers. In Jazz Jackrabbit 1, Devan is always using a vehicle whenever the player encounters him, just like Dr. Eggman from the Sonic franchise. However, in Jazz Jackrabbit 2, the player faces him in a gun fight, which is followed by his transformation into a demon.

It’s not explained why this transformation occurs. Devan as a demon becomes incredibly muscular, grows devilish horns, a spiked long tail and wings to fly. He can also spew fireballs in that form. If you use either the butt stomp or you have a Sugar Rush active during the combat and you defeat him with that, you get 10000 pts, while you don’t get points if you just shoot him.


While Devan is Jazz’s biggest enemy and is generally disliked by many, he still does have certain qualities – he’s a genius and his head is full of wicked ideas to conquer Carrotus. He is also head strong and never gives up on anything he is doing.


Although some boss enemies are Devan's goons, Devan Shell himself is sometimes fought as a boss in the games. Devan is not actually a final boss in the original Jazz Jackrabbit, but he does appear at the end of Episode C. The events in Episode C however take place before Episode 6.

Jazz JackrabbitEdit

  • Episode 1 - Devan pilots a small saucer shaped aircraft. It is equipped with a laser cannon, and a drill underneath it.
  • Episode 2 - Devan lacks any armored vehicle, and instead rides a flying ostrich.
  • Episode 3 - In his Megairbase headquarters, Devan drives a tank-like vehicle. It has a cannon at the front.
  • Episode B - Devan (along with another turtle securing Eva) appears standing on a platform above some sort of machine, although he does not appear to attack Jazz directly.
  • Episode C - Devan appears in a tiny globular submarine, with spiked spheres orbiting around it.


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